Player FM is an opinionated app with its unique take on the podcast experience ... our goals are:

  • Be super-friendly. You shouldn't need a university degree in RSS feeds to subscribe to your favorite shows and play them offline.
  • ... And yet, be powerful for hardcore podcast fans. We don't accept that "ease of use" should equate to "dumbing down" and won't compromise on either simplicity or power. There are many options for those who dig into settings, and advanced playback options such as speed control, skipping silence, and intelligently boosting volume.
  • Cloud, Cloud, Cloud! Unlike a traditional podcast app, Player FM's nerve center resides in the cloud. As a result, feeds are fetched on our servers, not on users' phones, saving precious battery and bandwidth, and getting those podcasts updated fast (typically within 15 minutes of publications).
  • Sync across devices. Player FM's cloud model means subscriptions sync across devices, so you can quickly get up and running on new devices or even use it on two devices simultaneously.
  • Help users discover great shows. Instead of using an existing catalog such as iTunes', we were determined to build a catalog ground-up, so we could more adequately capture niche topics. Not just "Technology," but "Gaming," "Social Media," as well as "Java" and "Programming" categories. Users can follow these topics and see new episodes every day, even if they don't subscribe. We view the catalog as being community-driven, we're open to suggestions, and we make it available under a Creative Commons license (similar to Wikipedia's open source license).
  • Spontaneous. Subscriptions are fantastic for your favorite shows, but we don't think you should have to subscribe to play an episode you come across. Playback is always a piece of cake - just hit the play button whether you download the episode or not. And there's a "Play Later" playlist to save episodes for later ... it can keep them offline automatically and (in beta) sync across devices.