When our server fails to fetch updates from the show's feed, this may result in an error. Fetching fails when the feed becomes inaccessible, i.e., it is removed by the publisher or the publisher's server is currently down.

Please check your current settings and internet connection as it might be preventing the app from retrieving updates. 

First, ensure your connection is stable and that the latest version of our app is installed on your device. Then go to Settings > Connection and verify how the Network settings are configured. Please also make sure [Force offline] is disabled in Settings, and check if disabling [Show downloaded only] or enabling [Show played] lets you see the latest episodes.

You can also try to open the series screen and pull the screen down to get updates straight to your phone in seconds. If this doesn't work, check if the RSS feed of the series is correct. 

To check the series feed, access its detail screen, tap on the 3-dot menu next to the search icon, then select [Links...] > [Series RSS feed]. Please feel free to reach us at support@player.fm if we need to update the RSS feed.