Upon setting the app up for the first time, the following options are shown during onboarding:

  • Start a free trial under Premium
  • Learn more about Premium
  • Stay in free mode

Once you select any of the free trial options, you will see a pop-up that includes the following information:

  • Your subscription Premium plan is under a free trial
  • The end date of the free trial period
  • How much it would be after the free trial
  • Payment information
  • Where to cancel if you change your mind before the end of the free trial
  • And of course, the Subscribe button

If you already have a free account and you want to try the trial, you can then go to Settings > Upgrade which will then give you the different subscriptions then you can select [Upgrade - Free Trial].

Should you change your mind, please take note that cancellation of premium membership should be done within the trial period. Once cancellation is done, you may still continue to enjoy listening to your favorite podcasts with Player FM under a free version.